Press Release

Cuellar Statement on Baby Formula Shortage

Washington | Dana Youngentob, DC Press Secretary (202-340-9148), May 13, 2022

Washington, DC—Today, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) released the following statement on the nationwide baby formula shortage:

“The current supply chain shortage of baby formula disproportionately affects women and children from underserved communities: about half of infant formula sold nationwide is purchased with WIC (Women, Infant and Children) benefits, which restrict the types of formulas that recipients can buy. I know that this shortage is also disproportionately affecting families in Texas-28. That is why, at the federal level, we must act,” said Congressman Cuellar, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. “Next week, we will vote on a series of bills aimed at reducing the effects of the supply chain disruption, funding for baby formula production, and decreasing consumer costs for essential goods that Americans—and Texans—need. I am committed to ensuring that no child goes hungry by working across the aisle to get these bills passed and get baby formula into your homes.”