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As a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, Congressman Cuellar has committed himself to allocating hard-earned taxpayer dollars efficiently, and holding the Department of Defense to a high standard in overseeing how those funds are spent and how they directly benefit those in his district.

Congressman Cuellar has helped fund the U.S.’s cybersecurity and cyber defense systems and continues to support the industry in his district. The 24th and 25th Air Force are located in Texas’ 28th congressional district at JBSA-Lackland. Additionally, San Antonio is building a Cyber Innovation Center to further public-private partnerships. This industry is fueled by local San Antonio colleges and universities and their dynamic cybersecurity programs. Furthermore, JBSA-Randolph, also located in Congressman Cuellar’s district, plays a vital role in training Air Force pilots.

Congressman Cuellar also strongly supports educational opportunities for Minority and Hispanic students within the military. He believes the U.S. must increase the science and math educational programs offered to these students. He also has urged the Department of Defense to continue to open opportunities for partnerships with local area hospitals.  He is focused on the health needs of military members to ensure they have the care they deserve. He continues to work to ensure that these opportunities are created and positively influence and care for our active duty servicemen and women.