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LAREDO MORNING TIMES: Local Elementary Student Attending State of the Union Address

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Laredo , January 11, 2016 | comments

Local elementary student attending State of the Union Address

By: Victoria Young

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - On Tuesday, president Barack Obama will give his last State of the Union Address, an event that some call historic.

One Laredo student will be joining Congressmen Henry Cuellar at Tuesday's State of the Union Address.

Libraries are typically quiet places, but on this day Dr. Henry Cuellar Elementary School made an exception.

Fifth grade student Anthony Garcia, is being honored. He's headed to Washington D.C. to be witness to a historic event.

"I'm going to see Dr. Henry Cuellar, and other representatives from different states and seeing the president for his last state of the union ."

14:43:53;06 "i felt excited like I wanted to jump around and run around the whole school." 14:43:58;02 >
Garcia was one of 105 fifth graders competed in an essay contest. 
He recounts when he was told he won and the scare it gave his mother at first.

"They called my mom to come to the principal's office, and she thought I was in trouble."14:44:30;02-14:44:35;26 (:06)" and then when we told her, when we got home she was crying tears of joy"

His parent's, are taking in the news with a sense of pride.

"We are very proud because he is a very good kid. Ge gets home and does his homework right away. He is never okay with a 90, he always strives for a 100"

Cuellar spokesperson Rafael Benavidez tells us the congressman hopes to make the trip memorable and educational for the winning student.

"The congressmen has always been a very big fan of education and he's widely regarded as a (one of) the most degreed member of congress So, he likes to give the opportunity for students here in fifth grade at dr. Henry cuellar elementary to live those dreams. To actually see congressmen and senators"

And like the good student he is, Anthony is prepared for anything that could happen. Even a chat with the president himself.

"What's a question you would ask the president of the united states of america?' how did you get to where you are right now, like, how can I learn like you and how can I get better?"

Contest winner Anthony Garcia, will be heading out with his father on Tuesday.

He will also get a tour of Washington D.C. from the congressmen and his staff.

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