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Cuellar also scores “A” on Middle Class issues and receives “2008 Distinguished Community Health Superhero” award

Washington – The National Journal’s 2007 congressional vote ratings place Congressman Henry Cuellar as the second-most-centrist Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. Reporters and editors from the non-partisan magazine, including CNN political analyst William Schneider, based ratings on key votes relating to economic, social, or foreign policy issues, gauging their votes from conservative to progressive.

Of the 109 decisive votes scored for this report, Congressman Cuellar received a composite progressive score of 50.5, placing him in the 214th spot among 429 House Members. Cuellar stands in the 216th spot for his composite conservative score of 49.7. Composite scores are an average of the individual scores derived from key votes on economic, social, and foreign policy during 2007.

Cuellar’s scores on economic, social and foreign policy indicate an almost even balance and a strong independent voice. Cuellar was more conservative than 53% of his colleagues on key economic votes; more conservative than 44% of his colleagues on key social issues votes; and more conservative than 51% of his colleagues on key foreign policy votes.

“The rating of my votes in relation to my colleagues is absolutely reflective of my efforts to represent the unique interests of 28th District of Texas,” said Cuellar. “I recognize the need to cross party lines and engage in bipartisan efforts. I am proud of my moderate positions and have always approached the broad spectrum of issues with the District in mind.”

“Having grown up in South Texas, the sensibilities of the community guide me in every vote I cast on the House floor—from going against the grain on my “no” vote for the border fence and standing in favor of trade, to joining the majority on decreasing college costs and raising the minimum wage,” said Cuellar. “As a result, my centrist position according to the National Journal accurately defines where I stand in Congress and reflects the voice of my constituents.”

Congressman Cuellar has also demonstrated his support to strengthening the middle class, according to the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI).  Cuellar’s moderate voting record on middle-class issues like health care, college affordability, the economy, and housing scored him an “A” in the 2007 score report.

In addition to these recognitions, Congressman Cuellar was also honored as the 2008 Distinguished Community Health Superhero by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). The award is presented to deserving members of Congress who demonstrate extraordinary efforts to preserve, strengthen and expand access to America’s Health Centers, providers of high-quality health care for America’s medically underserved. 

“I share the values of my constituents, the hardworking middle class who are essential to a strong America,” said Cuellar. “Access to health care and quality education in a sound economy are primary issues of the middle class, which I take to heart here in Washington.”


Congressman Henry Cuellar is a member of the House Homeland Security, Small Business, and Agriculture Committees in the 110th Congress; accessibility to constituents, education, health care, economic development and national security are his priorities. Congressman Cuellar is also a Senior Whip.