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Rep. Cuellar Announces the Release of the Humanitarian Reimbursement Application

The Congressman’s Office Will Provide Assistance to Local Stakeholders in Reimbursement Process

Washington, D.C. | Charlotte Laracy, DC Press Secretary (202-226-1583); Leslie Martinez, District Press Secretary (956-286-6007), August 23, 2019

Rep. Cuellar Announces the Release of the Humanitarian Reimbursement Application 

The Congressman’s Office Will Provide Assistance to Local Stakeholders in Reimbursement Process

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) announced the release of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program National Board’s Supplemental Appropriations Assistance Funding application, which will provide reimbursement funding to local social service organizations for their efforts in assisting southern border migrants who have been released from DHS custody. Stakeholders will have ten days to submit their application. All interested entities must submit applications in this time frame in order to be considered for reimbursement.

The application to apply for these funds will be available on the EFSP website link Supplemental Funding Information.

“Local governments and organizations have been on the front lines providing critical humanitarian services to migrant children and families at our southern border,” said Congressman Cuellar. “That is why I have been working since 2014 to reimburse local entities for their work in providing food, water, and shelter to the migrant children and families. The Emergency Food and Shelter Program National Board’s open application is a significant milestone, demonstrating the federal government’s commitment to addressing the humanitarian crisis.”  

“As the Vice Chair of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, I will continue to monitor the allocation of reimbursements to ensure that our communities are no longer unduly burdened by the cost of administering humanitarian aid at the southern border. I urge local stakeholders to contact my office for questions or concerns regarding the application process. I want to thank the local entities who have remained steadfast in providing humanitarian assistance at our southern border.”

For questions or further information on applying for the Supplemental Appropriations Assistance Funding, please contact our office at 202-225-1640 or contact Alexis Garcia at