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KGNS VIDEO: Congressman Cuellar Comments on Comey Testimony

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Laredo, Texas, June 9, 2017 | comments
The former FBI Director, James Comey spent the morning on Capitol Hill testifying before the Senate Intelligence committee about his conversations with President Trump and the Russia Probe.

After listening to Comey testify, Congressman Cuellar says that it was a historic moment for the U.S. as far as how an outside counsel will finish conducting an investigation involving Trump’s relations with Russia before he became president, throughout his campaign and up until now, also what led up to Comey’s firing.

Cuellar also says that what Comey said was very damning toward the president.

Cuelllar says that there should be an independent outside commission investigating Trump’s ties with Russia before and after he became president.

Cuellar goes on to say that it’s the duty of congress to have the over site, and that it’s something they owe to the American people.
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