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    Posted in Op-Eds on September 2, 2011 | Preview rr

    As the month-long district work period ends and Congress heads back to Washington D.C. to tackle the budget and create jobs, my location changes, but my priorities for the 28th District of Texas remain the same. After a series of meetings, unlimited conversations with constituents, and town halls you had one clear message for me and Members of Congress: we need to unite and work in a bipartisan matter to solve our nation’s toughest issues. It is through the constituent voice that I am able to br... Read more

    Posted in Op-Eds on July 29, 2011 | Preview rr

    One of the most obscure issues in Washington is the debt ceiling, and it has a long history. The latest budget showdown in this Congress is repeating the past by raising the debt ceiling in exchange for a particular request – in this case, reducing the deficit. While the debt ceiling may not be a common phrase used in your household, I would like you to know failure to raise the debt limit will impact you and your family. Currently, there is no argument against raising the debt ceiling – it is a... Read more

  • Cuellar: July marks Medicare’s 45th anniversary – celebrating nearly half a century of ensuring quality healthcare for millions
    Posted in Op-Eds on June 27, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Anniversary On July 1, 1966, the Medicare program was officially launched. The successful enactment was a landmark achievement for the Democratic Party and the nation. Medicare transformed what it meant to be a senior or a physically disabled person in this country by providing health coverage. In 1964, only 51 percent of Americans over 65 had health coverage. Today, coverage is virtually universal. Forty-five years ago, nearly 30 percent of seniors lived below the poverty level. Today, that num... Read more

  • Congressman Henry Cuellar: College is for everyone - Utilize Financial Aid Opportunities for Higher Education Aspirations
    Posted in Op-Eds on May 25, 2011 | Preview rr

    Congratulations As the school year comes to a close, I’d like to congratulate the graduating Class of 2011 for their perseverance and determination through their academic tenure. This is a turning point in your life – a time to make a decision. You may plan to enter in the workforce or join the military to fight for our country. For others, you may find yourself in technical school pursing a specialized study, a community college, or a four year university this coming fall. Regardless of the pat... Read more

  • What's New in 2011
    Posted in Op-Eds on December 27, 2010 | Preview rr

    Dear Friends and Neighbors in the 28th District, Over the past twelve months, the 111th Congress has been incredibly productive, with major legislation that will reduce wasteful government spending, enhance border security, make education more affordable and keep our communities safer and healthier. Just last week, my bill to reduce government waste and create a system for performance-based budgeting, the Government Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement Act, was passed and will... Read more

  • Joint Op-Ed: "It's Time To Make Government More Accountable"
    Posted in Op-Eds on June 15, 2010 | Preview rr
    Tags: Financial Services, Appropriations, Responsible Spending

    "As lawmakers, our decisions rely on the information we have. Better information yields better results. In order to help eliminate waste in the federal government, we need accurate information on how well federal programs are performing. We need to replace blind faith with factual data, and make use of our power of the purse to invest in what works and fix what doesn’t." Read more

  • PAYGOing Our Way Out of Debt
    Posted in Op-Eds on February 8, 2010 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Relief, Financial Services, Appropriations

    Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) today released the following op-ed to local media on the state of the nation's deficit and how restoring spending rules in Congress can immediately reduce federal spending: PAYGOing Our Way Out of Debt By Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) When you’ve dug yourself a hole, the best way to get out is to stop digging. I believe it works the same way with the nation’s growing debt. Either we get serious about balancing our federal budget or our $12 trillion deficit w... Read more

  • Creating a Culture of Preparedness
    Posted in Op-Eds on September 21, 2009 | Preview rr
    Tags: Border & Homeland Security

    Congressman Cuellar discusses how the country can create a culture of preparedness in a post 9/11 world. Read more

  • A Climate of Change: Greening America and the Economy Together
    Posted in Op-Eds on April 22, 2008 | Preview rr
    Tags: Transportation, Border & Homeland Security , Agriculture, Energy Independence

    On Tuesday, April 22, the country is celebrating the 38th Earth Day. While Earth Day brings focus to the key challenges facing us in preserving our planet, it is also an opportune time to explore the many ways to uplift our individual living costs by taking part in preservation efforts. Collectively, the minor, conscientious changes we make to minimize our carbon footprint will not only save us money, but will also keep our planet healthy and sustainable. This Earth Day coincides with the recent... Read more

  • A Much Needed Boost for the Economy
    Posted in Op-Eds on March 6, 2008 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Relief, Financial Services

    In a couple of months, many Americans will be relieved to find a much-needed check in their mailboxes compliments of the U.S. federal government. This rebate comes when most Americans are facing severe financial troubles. Family incomes and home prices are down while health care, energy, food, education costs, and mortgage foreclosures have climbed. The hardworking people of America deserve better, and Congress has taken timely, targeted action. In our bipartisan effort to provide tax relief for... Read more