Press Release

Cuellar Votes to Pass Voting Rights Legislation

The Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act will protect voting rights, at the federal level, for all Texans

Washington, DC—Today, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) voted in favor of the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. This bill ensures safe, secure, and accessible elections for all, enhances the ability of every American to cast their ballots freely, equally and without interference, and sets national standards for voting access to guarantee the right to vote in our nation’s democracy.  

The legislation passed the House in a 220-203 vote and now heads to the Senate.

“Over the last several years, we have witnessed a terrible assault on voting rights—both in Texas and across the country—through restrictive voter ID laws and laws that disproportionately affect minorities,” said Congressman Cuellar. “This bill is a necessary piece of legislation that ensures, at the federal level, that all Americans have the right to vote. House Democrats will not falter in the fight for the right to vote. It is past time the Senate takes meaningful action to move this piece of legislation. I remain committed to ensuring our democracy can prosper with the voice of all constituents.”

More specifically, the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act includes the following provisions:

·         Expand automatic voter registration and same-day registration

·         Set a national standard for no-excuse vote by mail for every eligible voter; 

·         Protect against unlawful and faulty voter purges, while allowing states to accurately 

maintain their voter registration lists; 

·         Expand early voting by requiring states to offer early voting at least two weeks prior to 

Election Day; 

·         Enhance protections individuals with disabilities

·         Make Election Day as a national holiday; 

·         Provides standards for voter identification, which require uniform national standard for 

states that require identification for in-person voting and allows voters to present a broad 

set of identification cards and documents in hard copy and digital form. 

·         Prevent partisan election subversion by restricting the politicized removal of election officials and enhance the protections for election records, including ballots and voting 


·         Prohibit the dissemination of false and misleading information designed to dissuade 

eligible voters from casting a ballot; 

·         Improve election security by requiring post-election audits and voter verifiable paper 

records of a votes; 

·         Protect elections from foreign interference; 

·         End partisan gerrymandering

·         Promote digital ad transparency; 

·         Force disclosure of dark money; and 

·         Establish a self-sustaining democracy trust fund to support state-directed democracy 

promotion activities.