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PLEASANTON EXPRESS: Atascosa County receives $32 million in federal funds for county, cities, ISDs

On Wednesday, March 24 Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) met with county, city and school leaders to announce $32 million in federal funds that will be distributed throughout Atascosa County for recovery efforts from the pandemic.

Held at the Jourdanton Community Center, Congressman Cuellar discussed to the 50 leaders in attendance the specifics of the American Rescue Plan. He explained how the American Rescue Plan legislation meets the needs of communities: putting vaccines in arms, money in pockets, workers back on the job and children back in the classroom safely.

The total allocations from the American Rescue Plan for Atascosa County is $32,588,000. The American Rescue Plan total county and city allocation projections are $15,180,000 specifically:

• Atascosa County Allocation Projection: $9,920,000

• City of Charlotte Allocation Projection: $410,000

• Christine Town Allocation Projection: $90,000

• City of Jourdanton Allcation Projection: $960,000

• City of Lytle Allocation Projection: $670,000

• City of Pleasanton Allocation Projection: $2,370,000

• City of Poteet Allocation Projection: $760,000

The total American Rescue Plan Total School District allocation projections are $17,408,000 which breakdowns as follows:

• Charlotte Independent School District Allocation Projection: $1,493,000

• Jourdanton Independent School District Allocation Projection: $1,872,000

• Lytle Independent School District Allocation Projection: $2,980,000

• Pleasanton Independent School District Allocation Projection: $7,533,000

• Poteet Independent School District Allocation Projection: $3,530,000

While leaders are thrilled with the amounts received, they are also concerned about one stipulation that could prove to accessing the funds problematic. For cities and counties with more than 50,000 population the money is transferred from the U.S. Treasury directly to the city, county and ISDs. For all municipalities with less than 50,000 residents, states are required to suballocate funding which means that the Atascosa County entities will have to borrow against the funds then ask for reimbursement from the state.

As part of the American Relief Act, there are safeguards and penalties in place to discourage state interference or additional state mandates on the use of these funds. Nevertheless, city mayors and superintendents want assurance that the money that is spent is reimbursed in full and in a timely manner.

Congressman Cuellar said that he is going to ensure that the allocation process of his district’s funds do not get caught up in a wait and see for reimbursement.

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