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Trade and Texas

Congressman Cuellar is a proud supporter of free trade and has witnessed first-hand how free trade has transformed Texas.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has given rise to the greatest display of economic growth in the history of South Texas.  That agreement, known as NAFTA, links the economies of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Congressman Cuellar believes that the advancement of new trade policies will expand opportunities for American businesses, workers and farmers.

Trade Moving Forward

Congressman Cuellar is a proud supporter of many trade agreements, including NAFTA and CAFTA, the Andean Agreements and the Peru Trade Promotion Agreements.  Congressman Cuellar has also urged the Obama Administration to pass the Panama, Colombia, and Korea Free Trade Agreements. 

Moving forward, Congressman Cuellar strongly supports the re-institution of the fast-track authority for the President to negotiate trade agreements. This authority will help expedite the future of American trade and will help level the playing field so American exports can experience the same benefits we extend to other countries' imports into the United States.

Advocate for Trade

Congressman Cuellar is a member of the Friends of Panama Caucus and is co-chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Colombia.
In 2009, Congressman Cuellar founded the bi-partisan Congressional Pro-Trade Caucus (CPTC). 

The CPTC is dedicated to building a bi-partisan coalition to advance an international trade policy that keeps America competitive in the world. The CPTC works the Administration and the United States Trade Representative as closely as it does with the organizations and businesses affected by trade and foreign embassies, hosting briefings, meetings and events that promote trade.