Federal Surplus Property Program

The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program enables certain local government, non-profit, and educational organizations to obtain property that the federal government no longer needs. Surplus property includes all types and categories except:

  • Land or other real property
  • Certain naval vessels
  • Records of the federal government

This program provides access to local governments, non-profits, schools, colleges, and universities to an array of property from across federal agencies at very low cost--often just the cost of shipping. Examples of items include vehicles, furniture, teaching and research equipment, computing hardware, printing supplies, and much more.

Federal agencies report the surplus items to the U.S. General Services Administration which then allocates the items to each state based on a formula. In Texas, the program is coordinated by the Texas Facilities Commission.

Texas non-profit and educational organizations eligible to receive surplus property donations must register via a simple application to the Texas Facilities Commission. If approved, the registration must be renewed every three (3) years.

More information on Surplus Property Program

See the current surplus property inventory in Texas
Organizations eligible for surplus donation

Application form for eligible Texas organizations

There is also a program where federal agencies donate computers and computing equipment directly to K-12 schools without entering the surplus property system.

Learn more about the federal Computers for Learning Program and browse available computer hardware. Get first pick for your students by clicking on the link below and registering your school.

Computers for Learning Program