October 25, 2014

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Dear Friends,

Please take a moment to read my latest updates from this past week.  It was a pleasure meeting with many of you across the 28th District of Texas.  For the latest updates, make sure you are following me on my Facebook page or on my Twitter page.  

Keeping America Going with Small  Business

I think you will be interested to read my column in La Prensa about the importance of small businesses. You can read the full column by clicking here.

We’ve heard it before; small business is the backbone of America. We are still the midst of a recovery from the worst economy in history since the Great Depression and we now depend more than ever on the creativity and innovation of people from all sectors to help the United States restore its reputation in having the best economy in the world. That can only happen if we help existing small business owners and make it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to open up shop.

Eleven million jobs were supported by trade in the United States in 2013. In Texas, a total of 40,737 companies were dependent on exports -- 93 percent of which were small businesses with 500 or fewer employees. Small business created and sustains a modern and vibrant Texas.

As a former small business owner, I know the feeling one gets when you have a great idea for a service or a product. With the right drive, planning and support, you may be able to turn a small investment into something grand and fulfill your own American dream.

The federal government should do all it can to facilitate business startup and expansion, not stifle it with red tape and bureaucracy. America was founded on the dreams of people who had limited funds, but great visions. That is why I support small business owners and advocate for fair and useful tax breaks to help owners become established. It’s no secret that when business thrives, so do our communities.

Read my full column in La Prensa by
clicking here.

Veteran Receives Help from Congressman Cuellar

My Laredo District Office staff was able to help constituent Juan Jose Perez (left), pictured here with his son Jerry Perez (right), obtain the benefits he was entitled to from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

When veteran constituent Juan Jose Perez came to my office in Laredo after attempting to seek benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and waiting for nearly eight years, my staff was able to contact the appropriate departments to help resolve this issue. A constituent service representative in my Laredo District Office made sure Mr. Perez's case was finally resolved and, after only a few months, succeeded in helping Mr. Perez obtain his benefits and closed his case this past July.

 “Our gratitude extends to the congressman and the rest of his office staff for the excellent treatment they gave us. Had it not been for the Congressman and his staff’s assistance, it would have never happened.” -Juan Jose Perez 10/09/2014.

Family Shoe and School Supplies Drive

My Mission district office staff and interns attended the Buckner International Family Hope Center’s Shoe and School Supplies Drive at William B. Clinton Elementary School in Penitas, Texas.

Many children and families in the area were grateful for the extra help Buckner International was able to provide during the Shoe and School Supplies Drive on Oct. 18th in Penitas, Texas.

On October 18th, my Mission District Office Outreach Coordinator Nichole Hernandez and interns Jessica Castillo and Marilyn Ramirez collaborated with the Buckner International Family Hope Center’s Shoe and School Supplies Drive at William B. Clinton Elementary School in Penitas, Texas. La Joya I.S.D. helped provide 500 students with new shoes, backpacks and school supplies. This was a great opportunity to serve the underrepresented colonias of my district.

Texas Board of Education Event

My Mission and Rio Grande district office staff attended a presentation with the Texas State Board of Education in Starr County last Friday.

My Southern District Representative, Nichole Hernandez, attended an event at South Texas College with education leaders from Starr County on Oct. 17. Texas State Board of Education District 3 Board Member Marisa B. Perez presented on strengthening communication with educators across her district by objectively increasing resources for education and children with disabilities.

Laredo Librarian Retirement Ceremony

My office presented Joe Moreno of the Laredo Public Library with a Congressional Certificate of Recognition during his retirment ceremony on Oct. 21

My Outreach Coordinator for Webb, Zapata and La Salle counties, Michael Buentello, presented a Congressional Certificate of Recognition on my behalf at a retirement ceremony for Joe Moreno at the Laredo Public Library on October 21st. Mr. Moreno has served as the librarian for the Special Collections Archive at the Laredo Public Library for 34 years, managing historical documents for the border area.

Thank you, Mr. Moreno, for your service to the people of Laredo and for helping to preserve local history.

Bexar County Sheriff

I spoke at The Business Forum in San Antonio on October 16th. Pictured is Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau who also attended the event. Thank you, Sheriff Pamerleau, for your service to our community!

I gave an update to a group of business professionals on the topics of the national budget deficit, jobs, energy and the our economic outlook at The Business Forum in San Antonio on October 16th.

  Intern Spotlight

Congressional Intern Jenny Tavarez (left) is a college senior from Texas currently interning in my Washington office.

Jenny Tavarez, a native of Fort Stockton, Texas, is a senior at The University of Texas at Austin. She is interning in my D.C. office as part of the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute program and has a strong interest in the arts.

Thank you, Jenny, for your hard work in my office!

Read more about Jenny and other interns at my office by clicking here.




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